Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Beauty Parlour @ Superdrug

If you your like me and suffer with an oily t-zone or oily skin in general, and  also sucker for packaging then YOUR GOING TO WANT TO READ THIS!!

For a while now I've been on the hunt trying to find products that will reduce the amount of oil on my T-Zone and all I'm left with is a huge basket full of useless products that just haven't done the trick and let's be honest their just wasting much needed space.

So my hunt continued until recently when I was having a snoop in Superdrug, I saw a newly added range from 'THE BEAUTY PARLOUR', I needed very little research as the packaging had already sold it to me and not to mention the price, let's be honest when a new product comes in and already it's on offer people are going to test that shit out!! They have a pretty wide range of everyday useful products, such as lip balms, bath/body scrubs, and treatment products, I managed to pick up the 'Mattyfying Papers', 'Mattyfying Moisturiser' and 'Face Scrub'.

 Recently I was recommended by a friend to try 'blotting sheets' which are paper sheets you wipe/dab on the face and apparently just like that they leave you oil-free.. as if their going to do the trick, it's just paper right? WRONG.

First up is: Mattyfying Papers
So I was wrong, it's not JUST paper.. No it's so much more!
These mattyfying sheets claim to INSTANTLY remove excess oil from the skin, leaving it shine free in one simple step and girls the truth is in the paper. They basically turn your skin matte within one wipe/dab, and the best thing.. It doesn't remove your make up. You heard me, make up will be left looking how you applied it in the morning. Seriously if your someone who suffers with oily skin then this is the product for you. Combine this with 'THE BEAUTY PARLOUR'S Mattyfying Moisturiser' and you'll be well on your way to controlled shine free looking skin!

Up next we have: T-Zone Oil Control Mattyfying Moisturiser
This moisturiser claims to fight shine, blemishes and clogged pores, so basically it works hand in hand with the blotting sheets above helping to reduce the amount of oil on your T-Zone and it really does leave your face feeling as smooth as a babies bum. I just apply this every morning to my face and neck using it as a primer for my make up, and then use the blotting sheets as and when needed, day or night! I've previously been using 'Soap&Glory's' body butter as my primer however I defiantly feel this works much better with my skin and problem areas. Big thumbs up for this product.

And last but not least we have: Face Scrub
So basically this scrub is for all skin types and is used to get face/cheeks glowing, it contains gentle micro Pumice beads and moisturising Apricot Kernel Oil which leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and stops it from looking dull. I use this scrub twice a week but more if needed, once the creamy formula has been left to work in it's magic I simply rinse off with warm water, and I'm left with clean, glowing and not to mention oil-free skin. So if your skin is in need of a little glow then check this face scrub out.

Don't let that oiliness get out of control when the answer is right here, click the link if you want to check out their full range but like I said it's also stocked at Superdrug if you want to take a little nosey when your next in store. Also what I've found is by using all 3 products together the amount of oil on my T-Zone has reduce and therefore using less blotting sheets, this is how I know the products really are working for me. HAPPY SHOPPING! 

Would you be interested in 'THE BEAUTY PARLOUR' products or have you already tried them?? I'm definatly going back for more,

*currently on offer '3 for 2' in superdrug*

Natalie xxx

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  1. I've been suffering a little with an oily t-zone recently, so I'd be very interested in trying these out!

    Lea x



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