Thursday, 3 October 2013

Let Operation Mascara Mission BEGIN!

Hello, Hi.
Wow it seems forever since I've been on this page (polishing the dust particles as you read), It's nice to check in on my favourite blogs and see how much they have grown and how cute they are all looking,  in fact its what inspired me to get back into doing it again myself. Boy i've missed it! I hope your all okay and the last few months have been treating you nicely, but yeah I'm here and letting you know I'm back with an exciting new post!! Let me introduce to you my brand new idea...
The title 'Let Operation Mascara Mission Begin' probably raised a few brows, I thought so. For a while now I've been OBSESSED with mascaras and carefully crafting the art of getting perfect looking lashes whatever the occasion and I feel that us girls waste too much time and money on mascaras that just aren't working for us, heres where I introduce my mission.

I'm going to set myself the challenge of every 2 weeks trialling a new mascara, some drug store others high end to see if spending more money really is worth it? So as you know there are many different types of mascaras on the market, vary in price, quality and value for money. It doesn't matter if your going for the voluminous fluttery or the lengthening skyscraper lashes I'm going to test as many as I can to get the best formula to achieve your favourite look.
I will be giving each mascara an official rating out of 5 based on how easy it is to apply/remove, if its true to its word and if it causes to flake off as those are key facts i tend to value most in mascaras. For a solid 2 weeks i will wear the selected mascara, testing various things in which i will write out a detailed post including before&after photos in a review format to really help find show the effects of the mascara, no more wasting money on lash cosmetics that wont flatter your peepers, after all no girl likes to leave the house without her mascara on.

Heres your part...
If you think this is a great idea for me to trial/test a bunch of different lash cosmetics and feel it would help/benefit you then by all means drop me a comment below stating which ones you wish for me to include in my mission and obv the most popular demands will be top of my list, so get commenting!
Let me know if you've already done ANY mascara reviews by leaving the links below, I would be very keen to take a read and get inspired!!
Also before commenting which mascaras you would like to see featured in this mission please check out my other reviews, as I won't be including these however if you would like a more in depth review kindly state so on the relevant post, Thankyouuuu.

Natalie xxx


Maybelline's Rocket Volum' Express Mascara - Rimmel's Scandal Eye Show Off Mascara -

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Maybelline's Rocket Volum' Express Mascara

Fancy a new mascara that's packed with tones of volume, immediately wakes your eyes up and of course at great value then keep reading...

Hello, Hi.
 It's that time AGAIN where I've decided to try out a new mascara. I'm defiantly a girl that when I find a product that I love especially for my lashes I tend to stick with it, as you can easily waste money on rubbish brands that end up taking up valuable space in your make up draw - this isn't something i like. 

My last favourite was Rimmel's Scandal Eyes show off mascara  I've really enjoyed using it as it works really well at coating all my lashes and making them look full however, I thought it was time to try something new and test the most recent mascara on the market. 

So just over a week ago when I was in Superdrug I picked up Maybelline's Rocket Volum' Express Mascara, paying an unbelievable small amount of £5.99 which I thought was a total steal as you can end up paying £10+ for a good mascara. I won't lie to you the women behind the counter was defiantly the reason I purchased it because previously I did overlook it on the shelf (great sales skill girl). I really liked how her lashes were all evenly coated and she explained how the more coats you apply the more dramatic they become - this totally sold it for me. 

Maybelline as a brand I cant say are my favourite but I have previously tried a few of their mascara's and been averagely happy with them, and the small price tag I thought I'd welcome it to my collection. Now the purpose of this mascara is to give you massive volume in rocket time and girls it does just that.. so those who don't have that spare time to perfect your lashes in the morning this mascara is defiantly for you. I have naturally long eyelashes anyway so in applying mascara I'm looking for volume as a pose to length so if your looking for lengthening this mascara probably isn't the best suited for you. 

Now I know some of you girls will be put off by the size of the wand, but personally I think this is what makes the mascara so great you really can coat your eyelashes in super fast time. With a slightly larger sized wand its very easy to get product on the bridge of your nose, below your eyebrows or pretty much your whole eye area but up until now I can't say I've suffered with this trouble whether that's down to the wand or I've finally got the nack to applying mascara without making a mess, I don't know but for now I'm putting down to the wand. 

I was delighted to know this wand had plastic bristles as I'm a huge fan, they tend to give a more even application and leave them looking more natural as in contrast to the brush type bristles they apply too much product taking longer for them to dry. I haven't experienced ANY flakiness under the eye as some do tend to have fallout after a few hours of application where it's dried out on your eyelashes. In terms of being waterproof it doesn't state this but I can't imagine it coming off due to a little rain shower if you know what i mean? When removing my mascara of a night I use Nivea's gental eye make-up remover which does get all the product off super fast however on those lazy nights where a face wipe is all I can be bothered to reach for, the mascara still completely comes off so that was also a massive gold star from me knowing it's easy to remove. 

 The best thing about this mascara is it's ability to IMMEDIATELY wake up your eyes, no matter the amount of coats you look super awake super fast, what more could you want? It claims to give you clump-free eyelashes and don't get me wrong their totally true to their word however I did find after applying any more than 3 coats my eyelashes did appear very clumpy but then they would with that amount of product on right?

 I know there are so many different preferences as to how people like their lashes to look and I for one don't have a favourite, some days I like 1 coat to keep them looking natural but if I'm hitting the town and don't fancy my falses then I like to know my mascara is capable of giving me a pretty close if not the same dramatic look, and with this Maybelline mascara you can have that reassuranceBasically whether your a girl who likes 1 coat for natural lashes or a girl who likes 3 coats for thick spidery lashes this mascara will please you. 

As you can see the more product you apply the thicker and more spider like your lashes become but like I said although they claims it to be 'clump-free' the more you pack on it's going to be harder to maintain the clumpiness, but if you get a clean spooley then you can reduce the excess mascara that's clumping your lashes I found this works a treat! 
So overall I'm massively happy with this mascara as it's an all round pleaser unless your looking for lengthening then I wouldn't suggest it, but for me it really is all about volume!! 

Let me know your thoughts on Maybelline's Rocket Volum Express Mascara below and also how do you like your lashes to look? 


Natalie xxx

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Topshop Lip Crayon - Arcade

Hello, Hi.
This week I'm pleased to say I've lost my Topshop Lip Crayon VIRGINITY!!! 

For quite some time now I've wanted to try out Topshop's makeup/cosmetics range and apart from buying the odd nail varnish which might I add are so pretty, I MUST get my hands on the glitter ones, but yeah apart from those I haven't really been bothered to pick up anything makeup wise. 

So this week I didn't let myself leave the shop without buying an item from the cosmetic rack, and seen as the whole plum/berry colours are trending I thought I'd try their Lip Crayon in 'Arcade'. Now I'm a MAC girl through and through ESPECIALLY when it comes to lipsticks as you just can't beat them, but I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and finish of 'Arcade'. I tend to suffer from dry lips so the fact this was creamy and hydrating was PERFECT for me, it was super easy to apply as its in a pencil form just slightly thicker. It lasted a long time on the lips and my favourite thing, compliment after compliment on how much whiter my teeth looked, so if that isn't a reason to love this shade then girl you can't be pleased!! 

I was a little unsure of the price tag £8 at first and seen as all the testers looked a little worse for wear shall we say I was worried I wouldn't like the shade on me but now I've actually tried it I'm more than happy to pay this amount in the future!

That's the end of my short and sweet review on my first ever lip crayon, let me know in the comments box below what you think of this shade or any dupes you think are worth a try?

A massive thumbs up to Topshop!!

Have you tried any Topshop Lip Crayons, what's your favourite? 

Natalie xxx

Thursday, 22 November 2012

FOTD #5 - Everyday Makeup

MAC Studio Fix // MAC Eyebrow pencil in 'spiked' // Maybelline master precise liquid eyeliner // MUA eyeliner in 'snow white' // Mally volumizing mascara // MAC blush in 'sincere' // MAC blot powder in ' medium dark'. 

Hello, Hi.
Every morning my alarm clock rings, 3 snooze buttons later I struggle to get out of bed please tell me you do this too? Usually I keep my make up pretty minimal in the winter mornings as the drop in temperature really doesn't give me a creative start to the day, however this morning I had a burst of energy, so whilst the mood is set I thought I'll share my creativity with you.

I've gone with the signature winged eye liner and my trusty MAC 'sincere' bronzer, it really does leave my face looking warm and smooth even on a bad day. I'm all for a dewy look but as my t-zone tends to get a oily through out the day, I just touch it up with MAC's blot powder to mattify certain areas, let me know below what you prefer.. dewy vs matte?
I do have a slightly new addition to my everyday make up routine, that being the MUA's snow white eyeliner. I place this on my lower lash line to really open up my eyes, especially for those early mornings when the matchsticks just aren't doing the trick! I find it's a great contrast with the black liquid liner and I've had quite a few compliments on it, so if you haven't already praps give it a go? 

Also I've had a real bad time with my lashes, the cause? I wish I knew. So I've gone back to my 'Mally' mascara, and it made me question why I ever stopped using it! Thank the lord my blinkers are back on the mend, us girls swap and change things when we've already got a pretty good solution, again please tell me I'm not the only one?

Hope your having a great week so far, Friday tomorrow which means it's almost the weekend so get your skyscraper heels out!! 

What's your everyday make up look? 

Natalie xxx

If you wanted to dress this look up, add some fluttery falses and a colour popping shade of lipstick and your Saturday night ready. 

Monday, 12 November 2012

OOTN #7 - The only thing I'm missing is a black guitar, hey baby I'm ROCKSTAR!

Jacket: Republic // Top: Asos // Bottoms&Heels: RiverIsland // Necklace: Regal Rose. 

Hello, Hi.
Just a quick OOTN post, I'm styling my new blazer which I picked up in the sales a few weeks ago. I'm currently really loving black on white parings, and I know this is where some people will say it looks boring, dull and hard to style but I personally think it looks super smart and I defiantly feel fresh wearing it. I've put on my favourite black wedges not just to make my legs appear longer but to add a sexy edge to the outfit too, and believe me girls they are much easier to walk in than they probably look.

As much as I'm a girlie girl and love my pinks, sparkles and all things pretty, I do also love that rockchick vibe from the spiked jewellery/accessories to the rocking red lippy! So there we have a quick post on how I'd style black on white I really hope you like this outfit, let me know what you think?

Do you like styling with just black&white or do you find it dull?

Natalie xxx

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Belated Orange Wednesdays - Paranormal Activity 4

Hello, Hi.
Last night I finally braved the film 'Paranormal Activity 4'. If your stupid like me and love a scary film but also sit there covering your eyes whilst your friend explains what's going on then you can imagine the fright but anticipation in me and my friend last night. I had heard quite a few bad reviews about the film and hesitated about going to see it but as I had seen the past three 'Paranormal Activity' films and the fact of it being Orange Wednesdays (2for1) I thought what the hell, LETS GO!! 

It was super jumpy and I was constantly on edge waiting for something to scare me, but that's all part of it right?? Me and my friend Chloe peered through our fingers towards the end as I'm sure you'll guess it was the scariest bit, it was quite funny as the entire cinema was giggling at the fact we all said 'ahh I can't watch this bit' at the same time, but I personally really enjoyed the film and defiantly think it's worth a watch.. So if you haven't already, brave it up girl ;) But don't sleep alone after!!

Would you watch a scary film at the cinema? Have you seen Paranormal Activity?? 

Natalie xxx

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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Halloween #2 - CatEyes


Hello, Hi.
Scary, she jokes. I thought  I would do a look that is pretty much suitable for whatever event you have planned this Halloween as it's really simple to create, and you can make it as scary or as cute as you like - BONUS RIGHT?

All you'll need to achieve this look is a black liquid liner & black eye shadow (powder) to set it. I've done a slight smokey eye using my MAC 217 brush to make it more me as you know I don't go nowhere without that S*&T smoked, but leaving it simple and adding lashes also looks really cute, be sure to line out the nose and fill it in & don't forget the whiskers as your not a cat without them ;) 

If you didn't like the black lipstick then go for a pinky/nude as that still ties in with the cat look but has a more girlie effect. Have fun with it, dress in all black and maybe even get some cat ears to complete the outfit, Oh and them killer heels. Again if anyone wants to see a video on how I done this look step by step, be sure to comment so below. 

What look are you going for this Halloween?? 

Natalie xxx

Halloween Makeup #1 - Dead or Alive?

Hello, Hi.
Can you believe were at the end of October already? Christmas is just around the corner and I for one are sure as hell frigging EXCITED!! Anyway sticking with the current month I'm back with a couple of Halloween makeup ideas, I don't know about you but every year without doubt I struggle with something to suit the event I'd be attending for Halloween!

So in this post I've gone for the 'DEAD or ALIVE' kind of look with a zombie feel to it. This is suitable for something like a 'house halloween party'.. Now this look is SUPER quick and easy to achieve, all I used was a red lipstick (purple undertones) and a brown eyeshadow.  It's mainly all about contouring for this look, as you want to reshape your face so it appears more sunken around the eyes, mouth and cheek bone area - more dead looking!

I did think about doing a video for this look but wasn't sure if you guys would of liked to see that, if you do then be sure to let me know and I'll try upload one ASAP? 

Hope everyone is well and hopefully I'll be posting more often again, now time to catch up on all my fav blogs to see what I've missed!! 

Natalie xxx

P.S, I found out the hard way but don't forget to wash your makeup brushes after using.. unless you want to achieve the same look for work in the morning ;) 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Current Favourite Lipstick - MAC RED!

Hello, Hi.
I thought I'd post a quick picture of my current favourite MAC lippy, it's called 'MAC RED' and i'm loving how much whiter my teeth instantly look when wearing this colour and that alone is enough to fall inlove! Click here to see my FOTD using this very lipstick... 

What's your current favourite MAC lippy??

Natalie xxx

Also a BIG thankyou to everyone who entered my 'MAC TINTED LIPGLOSS' giveaway, it really does mean the world. Well done to the lovely 'Lucy Jones' who was the lucky winner, I've emailed Lucy and her lipgloss will hopefully be with her shortly.. EEK!! 

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wing It Babyy.

If your someone who regularly wears eye liner or liquid liner, I'm going to want your opinion so please read on..

There are many iconic women when it comes to the famous 'Winged' eyeliner look, Each carrying their own signature to it.. 

 After looking at the inspiring pictures above I started watching a few youtubers and searching for different ways to wear my eyeliner and seen as I work for a company where you have to keep your make up low key ( i know what am i doing working there right?), I thought it would spice up my morning make up routine as it's a little boring and repetitive at the moment. From your standard winged to the out there bold looking eye I really have come across styles I personally never thought of trying and now my everyday work make up is a no longer a chore. I've loved trying out these different looks and practising my steady hand to master the art of getting it perfect.

Out of all the styles my favourite is still the standard 'Winged' look (above), as it's quick simple and easy to apply. I want to continue trying other ways to wear my eyeliner so would love to know how adventurous you are with your eyeliner and also if you have any tips, tricks or styles let me know below as I'd love to try them!! 

What's your favourite way to wear eyeliner, and who's your icon?

How d'ya like your eggs eyeliner in the morning, I like mine with a kiss.. 
Natalie xxx