Thursday, 13 December 2012

Topshop Lip Crayon - Arcade

Hello, Hi.
This week I'm pleased to say I've lost my Topshop Lip Crayon VIRGINITY!!! 

For quite some time now I've wanted to try out Topshop's makeup/cosmetics range and apart from buying the odd nail varnish which might I add are so pretty, I MUST get my hands on the glitter ones, but yeah apart from those I haven't really been bothered to pick up anything makeup wise. 

So this week I didn't let myself leave the shop without buying an item from the cosmetic rack, and seen as the whole plum/berry colours are trending I thought I'd try their Lip Crayon in 'Arcade'. Now I'm a MAC girl through and through ESPECIALLY when it comes to lipsticks as you just can't beat them, but I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and finish of 'Arcade'. I tend to suffer from dry lips so the fact this was creamy and hydrating was PERFECT for me, it was super easy to apply as its in a pencil form just slightly thicker. It lasted a long time on the lips and my favourite thing, compliment after compliment on how much whiter my teeth looked, so if that isn't a reason to love this shade then girl you can't be pleased!! 

I was a little unsure of the price tag £8 at first and seen as all the testers looked a little worse for wear shall we say I was worried I wouldn't like the shade on me but now I've actually tried it I'm more than happy to pay this amount in the future!

That's the end of my short and sweet review on my first ever lip crayon, let me know in the comments box below what you think of this shade or any dupes you think are worth a try?

A massive thumbs up to Topshop!!

Have you tried any Topshop Lip Crayons, what's your favourite? 

Natalie xxx

Thursday, 22 November 2012

FOTD #5 - Everyday Makeup

MAC Studio Fix // MAC Eyebrow pencil in 'spiked' // Maybelline master precise liquid eyeliner // MUA eyeliner in 'snow white' // Mally volumizing mascara // MAC blush in 'sincere' // MAC blot powder in ' medium dark'. 

Hello, Hi.
Every morning my alarm clock rings, 3 snooze buttons later I struggle to get out of bed please tell me you do this too? Usually I keep my make up pretty minimal in the winter mornings as the drop in temperature really doesn't give me a creative start to the day, however this morning I had a burst of energy, so whilst the mood is set I thought I'll share my creativity with you.

I've gone with the signature winged eye liner and my trusty MAC 'sincere' bronzer, it really does leave my face looking warm and smooth even on a bad day. I'm all for a dewy look but as my t-zone tends to get a oily through out the day, I just touch it up with MAC's blot powder to mattify certain areas, let me know below what you prefer.. dewy vs matte?
I do have a slightly new addition to my everyday make up routine, that being the MUA's snow white eyeliner. I place this on my lower lash line to really open up my eyes, especially for those early mornings when the matchsticks just aren't doing the trick! I find it's a great contrast with the black liquid liner and I've had quite a few compliments on it, so if you haven't already praps give it a go? 

Also I've had a real bad time with my lashes, the cause? I wish I knew. So I've gone back to my 'Mally' mascara, and it made me question why I ever stopped using it! Thank the lord my blinkers are back on the mend, us girls swap and change things when we've already got a pretty good solution, again please tell me I'm not the only one?

Hope your having a great week so far, Friday tomorrow which means it's almost the weekend so get your skyscraper heels out!! 

What's your everyday make up look? 

Natalie xxx

If you wanted to dress this look up, add some fluttery falses and a colour popping shade of lipstick and your Saturday night ready. 

Monday, 12 November 2012

OOTN #7 - The only thing I'm missing is a black guitar, hey baby I'm ROCKSTAR!

Jacket: Republic // Top: Asos // Bottoms&Heels: RiverIsland // Necklace: Regal Rose. 

Hello, Hi.
Just a quick OOTN post, I'm styling my new blazer which I picked up in the sales a few weeks ago. I'm currently really loving black on white parings, and I know this is where some people will say it looks boring, dull and hard to style but I personally think it looks super smart and I defiantly feel fresh wearing it. I've put on my favourite black wedges not just to make my legs appear longer but to add a sexy edge to the outfit too, and believe me girls they are much easier to walk in than they probably look.

As much as I'm a girlie girl and love my pinks, sparkles and all things pretty, I do also love that rockchick vibe from the spiked jewellery/accessories to the rocking red lippy! So there we have a quick post on how I'd style black on white I really hope you like this outfit, let me know what you think?

Do you like styling with just black&white or do you find it dull?

Natalie xxx

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Belated Orange Wednesdays - Paranormal Activity 4

Hello, Hi.
Last night I finally braved the film 'Paranormal Activity 4'. If your stupid like me and love a scary film but also sit there covering your eyes whilst your friend explains what's going on then you can imagine the fright but anticipation in me and my friend last night. I had heard quite a few bad reviews about the film and hesitated about going to see it but as I had seen the past three 'Paranormal Activity' films and the fact of it being Orange Wednesdays (2for1) I thought what the hell, LETS GO!! 

It was super jumpy and I was constantly on edge waiting for something to scare me, but that's all part of it right?? Me and my friend Chloe peered through our fingers towards the end as I'm sure you'll guess it was the scariest bit, it was quite funny as the entire cinema was giggling at the fact we all said 'ahh I can't watch this bit' at the same time, but I personally really enjoyed the film and defiantly think it's worth a watch.. So if you haven't already, brave it up girl ;) But don't sleep alone after!!

Would you watch a scary film at the cinema? Have you seen Paranormal Activity?? 

Natalie xxx

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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Halloween #2 - CatEyes


Hello, Hi.
Scary, she jokes. I thought  I would do a look that is pretty much suitable for whatever event you have planned this Halloween as it's really simple to create, and you can make it as scary or as cute as you like - BONUS RIGHT?

All you'll need to achieve this look is a black liquid liner & black eye shadow (powder) to set it. I've done a slight smokey eye using my MAC 217 brush to make it more me as you know I don't go nowhere without that S*&T smoked, but leaving it simple and adding lashes also looks really cute, be sure to line out the nose and fill it in & don't forget the whiskers as your not a cat without them ;) 

If you didn't like the black lipstick then go for a pinky/nude as that still ties in with the cat look but has a more girlie effect. Have fun with it, dress in all black and maybe even get some cat ears to complete the outfit, Oh and them killer heels. Again if anyone wants to see a video on how I done this look step by step, be sure to comment so below. 

What look are you going for this Halloween?? 

Natalie xxx

Halloween Makeup #1 - Dead or Alive?

Hello, Hi.
Can you believe were at the end of October already? Christmas is just around the corner and I for one are sure as hell frigging EXCITED!! Anyway sticking with the current month I'm back with a couple of Halloween makeup ideas, I don't know about you but every year without doubt I struggle with something to suit the event I'd be attending for Halloween!

So in this post I've gone for the 'DEAD or ALIVE' kind of look with a zombie feel to it. This is suitable for something like a 'house halloween party'.. Now this look is SUPER quick and easy to achieve, all I used was a red lipstick (purple undertones) and a brown eyeshadow.  It's mainly all about contouring for this look, as you want to reshape your face so it appears more sunken around the eyes, mouth and cheek bone area - more dead looking!

I did think about doing a video for this look but wasn't sure if you guys would of liked to see that, if you do then be sure to let me know and I'll try upload one ASAP? 

Hope everyone is well and hopefully I'll be posting more often again, now time to catch up on all my fav blogs to see what I've missed!! 

Natalie xxx

P.S, I found out the hard way but don't forget to wash your makeup brushes after using.. unless you want to achieve the same look for work in the morning ;) 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Current Favourite Lipstick - MAC RED!

Hello, Hi.
I thought I'd post a quick picture of my current favourite MAC lippy, it's called 'MAC RED' and i'm loving how much whiter my teeth instantly look when wearing this colour and that alone is enough to fall inlove! Click here to see my FOTD using this very lipstick... 

What's your current favourite MAC lippy??

Natalie xxx

Also a BIG thankyou to everyone who entered my 'MAC TINTED LIPGLOSS' giveaway, it really does mean the world. Well done to the lovely 'Lucy Jones' who was the lucky winner, I've emailed Lucy and her lipgloss will hopefully be with her shortly.. EEK!! 

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wing It Babyy.

If your someone who regularly wears eye liner or liquid liner, I'm going to want your opinion so please read on..

There are many iconic women when it comes to the famous 'Winged' eyeliner look, Each carrying their own signature to it.. 

 After looking at the inspiring pictures above I started watching a few youtubers and searching for different ways to wear my eyeliner and seen as I work for a company where you have to keep your make up low key ( i know what am i doing working there right?), I thought it would spice up my morning make up routine as it's a little boring and repetitive at the moment. From your standard winged to the out there bold looking eye I really have come across styles I personally never thought of trying and now my everyday work make up is a no longer a chore. I've loved trying out these different looks and practising my steady hand to master the art of getting it perfect.

Out of all the styles my favourite is still the standard 'Winged' look (above), as it's quick simple and easy to apply. I want to continue trying other ways to wear my eyeliner so would love to know how adventurous you are with your eyeliner and also if you have any tips, tricks or styles let me know below as I'd love to try them!! 

What's your favourite way to wear eyeliner, and who's your icon?

How d'ya like your eggs eyeliner in the morning, I like mine with a kiss.. 
Natalie xxx


Friday, 17 August 2012


 Tinted Lipglass

I've reached 100 followers, so thought what better way to celebrate than to host my very own FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY!! 

A big thankyou to my lovely bunch of followers and the sweeties who regularly post comments on my blog I really do appreciate it and your kind words really do mean the world. There is so much inspiration out there and I've really enjoyed being part of the bloggers community.

So if you don't already know by the picture above you have the chance to win a MAC Tinted Lipgloss, (state the lipgloss colour of your choice in the comments box below). You MUST be a follower of my blog to enter in this giveaway, and then below are other ways to earn more entries and therefore more chances to win. The giveaway will last for 2 weeks, ending midnight on the 31st of August and on the 1st of September I will announce the winner!

Head over to MAC's website here to see which lipgloss shade takes your fancy, and last but not least

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Natalie xxx

Monday, 13 August 2012

Current Skincare Routine

So I'll jump right in and introduce the main product of my 2-step simple routine and to be honest my little skin savorier, CLINIQUE - Exfoliating Scrub. Now if you were a follower from before June then you would know that I was in SERIOUS need of repairing my skin, I needed a product that included a scrub, helps fight blackheads and reduces blemishes just an all round cleanser really. 

I purchased this from the CLINIQUE counter at duty free when I went on holiday at the start of July, this is my first time buying from CLINIQUE and I've really wanted to give it a go to see if them as a brand are really worth paying the money for and in this case, the results were AMAZING so it was totally worth it! 

This product is a skin-cleansing water-based scrub for strong, oily skin types. Allows better make up application and moisture absorbs more easily, also helps promote more even skin tone refining texture leaving skin looking more translucent, clear and flake free

Oh hello bad hair ;)

(First I remove my make up with a face wipe) 
So I apply the product all over my face but excluding the eye area and I leave to settle for around 5 mins and then rinse off gently with a hot flannel. My skin is left feeling really refreshed, cleansed and soothed. Then I splash my face with small amounts of cold water making sure my face is clear of product, following this I steaming my face 2-3 times a week for about 15 mins, opening up my pores to really get all that dirty and oil out! I find that by combining these 2 routines my skin really has improved, and for someone who used to suffer really bad from blemishes my skin tells a different story.

The only thing I would warn you about is the smell, I can't say its my favourite and would for sure prefer a perfumed free scrub but I've read a few reviews online since buying this and it seems to be just me that can fault it so maybe you'll find it refreshing? Also 1 other thing I wanted to add, earlier I mentioned the scrub evens out skin tone, and around my chin area I have scars from old blemishes a kind of redish/brown colour and CLINIQUE - Exfoliating Scrub really has reduced that making it less visible and that was more than what i was expecting from this product! Now it doesn't state it reduces old blemish scars in the description so it might not work for everyone but it's given me a noticeable difference. 

I completely give this product the thumbs up and couldn't recommend it enough, I've had countless comments on how much my skin has improved and my make up now appears more flawless. Thank the lord I've found a product that has repaired my skin disaster, it retails for £17.00 from CLINQUE website, low cost but amazing results.. what more could you ask for?

Happy Monday everyone hope this has helped those out there looking for a new daily skin care routine, If you have an questions fire them away in the comments box below, apart from that have a great week and I'll speak to you on my next post!

Natalie xxx

Sunday, 12 August 2012

OOTN #6 - Going For Gold

If you see my most recent FOTD post (if you haven't click here) then you'd know this weekend I was off to Epping in Essex for a friends 21st birthday, in which I had to order a new outfit and dress to impress.

This was my first night out in Epping, we started with a party bus with strobe lights and loud music and few bottles of drink and then we got escorted in, there was also an event on which gave the club a pretty good turn out of people and a few celebs are knows for making an appearance and to say the least EVERYONE was looking dapper. Some of the dresses people had on were AMAZING!! And if your like me and love a little dance with flowing drinks last night would have been right up your street. So the birthday girl and 22 of her friends (including me) hired out what was called the 'PLAYBOY BOOTH' which is like a lounge within the club, and I honestly felt VIP the whole night it was well worth the money. 

Seen as we didn't get home until 4 last night my feet absolutely KILL and I'm feeling a little tired but I've got matchsticks on my eyes as I CANNOT miss the SPICEGIRLS on the Olympics 2012: Closing Ceremony, literally feel like 10 again waiting to see them.. anyone else watching that?? 

Enjoy what's left of your evening and let me know what you think of the outfit I wore last night, also check back tomorrow for my 'most current skincare routine' post.

Natalie xxx


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Get Your Peplum On

So recently I've been buying loads of peplum skirts/tops/shorts, me being a curvy girl they really flatter the parts of my body I truly hate!! They are so versatile and I've been finding it quite easy pairing them with other pieces, and seen as we haven't had much of a summer and winter on it's way I like to put jeans or trousers on and it really does create a comfy but classy outfit. 

I have many to pick from but these are my 3 favourites that are currently in my wardrobe, they all have a gold exposed zip down the back which is so handy if like me you do your hair before putting your clothes on, it certainly don't mess it up. I've purchased them all from ASOS and are quite similar in style but there are so many to chose from just depends what your preference is.. 
Check out the links below if any take your fancy.. And let me know what you think? 

Leopard Print
I tend to keep the bottom half simple so the top can do the talking, maybe a black pencil skirt, some skinny jeans or even disco pants from American Apparel. Add Some killer heels and your ready to go. This was the cheapest of the 3 at £15.00 in the sale and you can BUY HERE
Gold Sequins
Okay so again this top does most of the talking with the in your face sparkles, but pair it with simple bottoms and add gold jewellery and you've got yourself a eye catching outfit weather your meeting up with friends and heading to a bar or going for a night out on the town this kind of outfit is perfect. This was slightly more expensive at £35.00 which I wouldn't normally pay but it was around my birthday time so I treated myself and I'm so glad I did, you can BUY HERE also this top comes in black for those who are interested. 
  So this is the most versatile of the 3, the list of pairings are literally endless.. A pencil skirt with a classy edge to it, an outrageous coloured pattern skirt, neon skinny jeans matching clutch or even black skinny jeans and a coloured blazer. BUY HERE £17.50 is what I paid for this top also in the sale, it comes in many colours and I will def get my money's worth of outfits from it. 

That's my 3 favourite peplum pieces to wear, and the great thing is it doesn't matter your body shape peplums literally suit everyone. So if you don't already own one, when you next go shopping just try one on you might be pleasantly surprised! 

How would you style a peplum piece? 

Natalie xxx

Thursday, 2 August 2012

FOTD #4 - Eyes Are The Window To Your Soul

Hey, hope everyone is well? This is another quick FOTD/FOTN look as I recently brought some new lashes and wanted to test them out, so I'll let you lovely bunch be the judge.. 

Now I don't often wear false eyelashes in fact I never do unless I'm going to  a wedding or say like an event type thing where you maybe dress to impress.. Which is the reason in buying these lashes as I have a friends 21st here in Essex and it's a 'prim&proper' kind of event. 

As always, weather it's hair or lashes I WANT VOLUME and in this case I also wanted as natural looking as possible and these 'EYLURE - 100' I've got just the right combination! 

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Sorry that was a bit picture heavy, but I'm inlove with these lashes.. I'm off to do a bit (and when I say bit I mean scrolling for hours) online shopping,   I'm thinking a classy pencil skirt and blouse? After all I need a new outfit to go with my new lashes! 

 What's your favourite type of eyelashes??

Natalie xxx

Friday, 27 July 2012

FOTD #3 - The Redder The Better I Say?

MAC studio fix
MAC studio fix powder
Benefit brow zing kit (medium) 
Mally Mascara
MAC lipstick (MAC RED)
MAC sincere blush

That's my quick FOTD for you, I'm off to get cosy and eat loads of junk for the Olympic ceremony thing, Have a great weekend guys and girls!!

What do you think of this look?? 

Natalie xxx

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Beauty Parlour @ Superdrug

If you your like me and suffer with an oily t-zone or oily skin in general, and  also sucker for packaging then YOUR GOING TO WANT TO READ THIS!!

For a while now I've been on the hunt trying to find products that will reduce the amount of oil on my T-Zone and all I'm left with is a huge basket full of useless products that just haven't done the trick and let's be honest their just wasting much needed space.

So my hunt continued until recently when I was having a snoop in Superdrug, I saw a newly added range from 'THE BEAUTY PARLOUR', I needed very little research as the packaging had already sold it to me and not to mention the price, let's be honest when a new product comes in and already it's on offer people are going to test that shit out!! They have a pretty wide range of everyday useful products, such as lip balms, bath/body scrubs, and treatment products, I managed to pick up the 'Mattyfying Papers', 'Mattyfying Moisturiser' and 'Face Scrub'.

 Recently I was recommended by a friend to try 'blotting sheets' which are paper sheets you wipe/dab on the face and apparently just like that they leave you oil-free.. as if their going to do the trick, it's just paper right? WRONG.

First up is: Mattyfying Papers
So I was wrong, it's not JUST paper.. No it's so much more!
These mattyfying sheets claim to INSTANTLY remove excess oil from the skin, leaving it shine free in one simple step and girls the truth is in the paper. They basically turn your skin matte within one wipe/dab, and the best thing.. It doesn't remove your make up. You heard me, make up will be left looking how you applied it in the morning. Seriously if your someone who suffers with oily skin then this is the product for you. Combine this with 'THE BEAUTY PARLOUR'S Mattyfying Moisturiser' and you'll be well on your way to controlled shine free looking skin!

Up next we have: T-Zone Oil Control Mattyfying Moisturiser
This moisturiser claims to fight shine, blemishes and clogged pores, so basically it works hand in hand with the blotting sheets above helping to reduce the amount of oil on your T-Zone and it really does leave your face feeling as smooth as a babies bum. I just apply this every morning to my face and neck using it as a primer for my make up, and then use the blotting sheets as and when needed, day or night! I've previously been using 'Soap&Glory's' body butter as my primer however I defiantly feel this works much better with my skin and problem areas. Big thumbs up for this product.

And last but not least we have: Face Scrub
So basically this scrub is for all skin types and is used to get face/cheeks glowing, it contains gentle micro Pumice beads and moisturising Apricot Kernel Oil which leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and stops it from looking dull. I use this scrub twice a week but more if needed, once the creamy formula has been left to work in it's magic I simply rinse off with warm water, and I'm left with clean, glowing and not to mention oil-free skin. So if your skin is in need of a little glow then check this face scrub out.

Don't let that oiliness get out of control when the answer is right here, click the link if you want to check out their full range but like I said it's also stocked at Superdrug if you want to take a little nosey when your next in store. Also what I've found is by using all 3 products together the amount of oil on my T-Zone has reduce and therefore using less blotting sheets, this is how I know the products really are working for me. HAPPY SHOPPING! 

Would you be interested in 'THE BEAUTY PARLOUR' products or have you already tried them?? I'm definatly going back for more,

*currently on offer '3 for 2' in superdrug*

Natalie xxx

Sunday, 8 July 2012

OOTD #5 - 18th Birthday Drink

Hey everyone, just checking in really sorry it's just been so hectic over here what with my 18th birthday celebrations and my holiday a day or two away It's just been a whirl wind of events!! and I'm seriously running out of time fast to get my suitcase and outfits sorted, but I'm here with a quick OOTD/OOTN before I head off to sunny Greece (Zante) with what I put together for my birthday outfit. 

So long story cut short, I ordered my outfit from Asos using next day delivery however I still managed to forget I had to stay in to sign for it and missed the package.. PLEASE TELL ME YOU'VE DONE THIS TOO?? However I still managed to put this together last minute, and it ended up being a pretty good night. I of course drank lots of Rose and danced the night away as usual!!

(excuse the poor quality) 

I know what your thinking where are all the girls?? but all my friends had booked to go wireless and obv cause of my holiday I didn't bother booking tickets and was left to party with all the lads and Sophie!! Still the nights what you make it and I enjoyed myself, work the next day a little less enjoyable but you have to take the good with the bad right?

Hope everyone who went wireless had an awesome time, leave links to your outfits and pictures below def want to check them out!! And I hope the British weather treats you nicely while I'm on holiday.. SEE YOU IN A 10 DAYS!

Natalie xxx

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Benefit's 6 Set Lip Gloss

Hey everyone, just a quick post.. Last week I was sorting through all my old make up and making room for some new bits when I can across these Benefit Lip Glosses that I'd been given as a birthday present a few years back, completely forgetting I had them and I know what your thinking, how an earth can you forget about these beauts? It's so shameful as I've been wearing them ever since cleaning out all my make up, and suddenly I'm in love all over again! 

Not only do they come in 6 absolutely gorgeous shades they sit so well on your lips, making them feel really plump and so full. 3 out of the 6 glosses have small speckles of shimmer in them which make your lips so beautifully moist and I honestly can't get enough of them. I've done a few swatches below, just imagine what they'd look like layered on your favourite lipsticks. 

After seeing these slightly shimmery, plump glosses your probably thinking where's the link so I can purchase 1 for myself, or even heading over to the Benefit website, don't bother as they've discontinued them! I know, what was they thinking?? I'm so gutted as I know for sure when mine run out I will cry cause I can't repurchase. However, knowing my love for them and that a few ladies from the bloggers community would love to have these in their collection, I decided to dig a little deeper in a bid to try and find either a dupe or the very exact set elsewhere. 

(if you can't see the writing above because it's blocked by a white strip, highlight the white area and the writing will appear, really sorry!) 

So in my hunt I stumbled across Benefit's Glitz Glam & Gloss on Ebay and they are basically the same just different packaging and of course a hell of alot cheaper, brand new too! I was so thrilled not only for myself but so you guys can try them out if they've taken your fancy, click here for your set. 

I'll wish everyone a great weekend now as I'm off camping tomorrow afternoon with family and friends for my 18th so won't be back to blog until after Monday. Have a great weekend and I'll look forward to reading everyone's post when I'm back. 

Which shade is your favourite?? 
Have you tried Benefit's Glitz, Glam & Gloss?? 

Natalie xxx

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

OOTD #4 - Casual Denim

 Top: H&M
Shorts: River Island
Heels: River Island
Cross Earrings: Topshop
Cross Bracelet: DP
Watch: Next

What do you like to pair with your denim??

Natalie xxx

Monday, 25 June 2012

FOTD #2 - Smoke

MAC Studio Fix Fluid
MAC Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder
Benefit Eyebrow Kit
Sleek Nude Eye shadow Pallet
Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner
Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner
Loreal False Lash Telescopic MAscara
MAC blush in'Sincere'
MAC 'Viva Glam GAGA 2 Amplified' 
Benefit lipgloss in 'Life on the A-list'

As promised another quick FOTD using MAC Blush in 'Sincere', just wanted to show me wearing it as my last swatch didn't quite do the shade justice. I've also done a brown smokeyish eye as I come across my once obsessed Sleek palette and wanted to try out my new eye shadow brushes. 

Erhh Monday's at work are so long and boring, hope you've all had a better day than me :) enjoy your evening,

Natalie xxx