Saturday, 27 October 2012

Halloween #2 - CatEyes


Hello, Hi.
Scary, she jokes. I thought  I would do a look that is pretty much suitable for whatever event you have planned this Halloween as it's really simple to create, and you can make it as scary or as cute as you like - BONUS RIGHT?

All you'll need to achieve this look is a black liquid liner & black eye shadow (powder) to set it. I've done a slight smokey eye using my MAC 217 brush to make it more me as you know I don't go nowhere without that S*&T smoked, but leaving it simple and adding lashes also looks really cute, be sure to line out the nose and fill it in & don't forget the whiskers as your not a cat without them ;) 

If you didn't like the black lipstick then go for a pinky/nude as that still ties in with the cat look but has a more girlie effect. Have fun with it, dress in all black and maybe even get some cat ears to complete the outfit, Oh and them killer heels. Again if anyone wants to see a video on how I done this look step by step, be sure to comment so below. 

What look are you going for this Halloween?? 

Natalie xxx

Halloween Makeup #1 - Dead or Alive?

Hello, Hi.
Can you believe were at the end of October already? Christmas is just around the corner and I for one are sure as hell frigging EXCITED!! Anyway sticking with the current month I'm back with a couple of Halloween makeup ideas, I don't know about you but every year without doubt I struggle with something to suit the event I'd be attending for Halloween!

So in this post I've gone for the 'DEAD or ALIVE' kind of look with a zombie feel to it. This is suitable for something like a 'house halloween party'.. Now this look is SUPER quick and easy to achieve, all I used was a red lipstick (purple undertones) and a brown eyeshadow.  It's mainly all about contouring for this look, as you want to reshape your face so it appears more sunken around the eyes, mouth and cheek bone area - more dead looking!

I did think about doing a video for this look but wasn't sure if you guys would of liked to see that, if you do then be sure to let me know and I'll try upload one ASAP? 

Hope everyone is well and hopefully I'll be posting more often again, now time to catch up on all my fav blogs to see what I've missed!! 

Natalie xxx

P.S, I found out the hard way but don't forget to wash your makeup brushes after using.. unless you want to achieve the same look for work in the morning ;)