Thursday, 31 May 2012

FOTD #1 - Sun Beam

MAC Studio Fix Fluid 'NW25' 
MAC Studio Fix Powder 'NW30'
Benefit Sun Beam Golden Bronze Highlighter
Rimmel 004 Pink Rose Blusher
Benefit Brown Shaping Kit 'Medium'
ELF Natural Palette Eye Shadow 
Rimmel Soft Kohl Eye Pencil '061 jet black'
L'OREAL False Lash Telescopic Mascara
MAC Creme Cup Lipstick

For those who didn't see my post yesterday (click here) I purchased the Benefit 'sunbeam' highlighter and I honestly couldn't wait to use it! I know I don't usually do this type of post but I see Karolina at 'Smootchkiss' and she did a FOTD (click here to check it out) which really made me want to do one to show you how sunbeam looks on me. This is the first time I've used it but already I'm falling in love with the glow its given my face, you can place it where ever you want as I know everyone has different preferences but today I've only put it on my cheek bones. I'm looking forward to trying it on my brow bones and other places to give me that summer bronzed glow, honestly girls this is the perfect highlighter for summer.

How do you think it looks, maybe you have it too let me know in the comments box below, also do you want to see more FOTD??
I hope everyone is well :) 

Natalie xxx

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Haul #2 - Random pick ups

Hey everyone, Hope everyone is well :D
I was suppose to be going Odeon tonight for 'Orange Wednesdays' but sadly everyone is working late and didn't fancy going on my own so I thought I'd do a little post about what I picked up today when I popped into my local town centre instead, here goes!

Benefit Sun Beam: £18.50 
(to buy click here
I'm sure you've all heard the MASSIVE rave about Benefit's sun beam bronze highlighter, quite a few of you lovely ladies recommended me to pick it up, so whilst I was out today I thought I'd get it. I'm so excited to finally try it, and I will be doing a review fairly soon and a few pictures so you can see how wonderful this product really is or isn't. 

Nail varnish in 
63 Sheer Mauve: £1.99
Clear: £1.00
67 Linen: £1.99
I have a shop near me that does all things beauty i.e nail varnish, eye lashes, hair extensions, make up and all that sort of things but they happen to be AMAZINGLY cheap which is every beauty lovers perfect shop. Don't get me wrong some of the stuff is pretty rubbish and shouldn't be aloud on the shelf but things like these 15ml bottles of nail varnish are a right bargain at £1.99 and the colour range my god I will be going back to buy more (cheeky smile).

River Island Cross Bracelet: £5.00
(to buy click here
Either crosses are in at the moment or I'm going mad and seeing them everywhere, beginning to think I'm going cross obsessed girls! I've recently purchased the River Island silver tone cross earrings which I absolutely love and so I thought why not buy this to match, plus it was pretty cheap so what the hell bargain buy. Anyone else loving crosses at the moment??

Okay girls so that's the few bits and bobs that I picked up today, Let me know if you do want to see the 'Sun Beam' review and i'll try and do one within the next couple of days. Do you have the Benefit Sun beam, how do you get on with it, worth the purchase??

Have a good evening, 

Natalie xxx

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Chloe Green's Shoe Collection

Chloe Green

If your a Topshop lover like me then im sure you would have heard all about Chloe Green's new shoe collection, THEIR AMAZING!! I had heard briefly about them but until i was reading through last weeks 'LOOK' magazine I hadn't actually seen them. They featured an article about her and where the inpiration came from, the lustful collection come with a pretty high price tag however, they'd be such a worth while investment, but until my 18th birthday they'll be staying in my wishlist! Each pair have names assosiated with the special people in her life, including her 2 nieces and her mum which i thought was lovely. 

The fact all these heels are practically skyscrapers are a little daunting but plenty of practise girls and we'll be walking like the models off runway! It's not often that i like all the shoes from the collection but i must say Chloe Green is onto a winner as all the heels are super cute and will honestly go with everything, yes everything! It has the statement green sole so everyone will know your wearing CJG, I really cant stop staring at these shoes on the Topshop website and I'm hating the fact I have to wait until July to purchase myself a pair. If you want to see the full collection click here.

I've got my eye on the Misha (brown) pair, which is your favourite? Do any of you lucky ladies already own a pair?? 

Natalie xxx 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Pick Of The Highstreet #1

Hooray the sun is here!! not for long I don't spose, that's why us brit's make the very most of it while we can. I thought I'd just share with you the type of style I'm really loving at the moment, seems perfect seen as I've had to whip the shades out today. 

So my luck is the kind where you pick out an awesome summery outfit cause its sunny outside then as soon as you walk out the front door the sun vanishes!! This is what lead me to this outfit combo, it's defiantly a casual outfit which is why I paired it with the white converse high tops to add a slouchy look and I'd keep the jewellery minimal. I wouldn't normally pair shorts and a jumper together but my style is all over the place at the moment and in a strange way I think this kinda works well together.  

White Retro Sunglasses: River Island £13.00
Green Acid-wash Jumper: River Island £28.00
Super High Denim Shorts: River Island £25.00
White High Top Converse: Office £41.99

Let me know what your thoughts are on this combo, would you wear this?? 

Natalie xxx 

Monday, 21 May 2012

Benefit - First purchase

My first EVER purchase from Benefit plus a few freebie samples! 

Hey girls, so today was suppose to be a nice stay in bed relazing sunday, I had no (well maybe a little) intention of going shopping but yet again my will power let me down, see i get distracted easily and to be honest i love trying new things so when my friend said she had an appointment at Benefit i just had to go with too. She booked to get her eyebrows waxed&tinted (this wasn't her first time) and as im still a wax virgin i thought i'd tag along to be nosey. I'm never 100% keen on going up to the girls at the counter cause I've had so many of them be rude but i must say the girls at Benefit were absolutly lovely today, so helpful and full of great advice/tips and VERY beautiful too!

It took about 25 mins in total but like i said we were chatting away to the staff that worked there, and once we started we couldnt stop. I've been introduced to Benefit before by a friend, so I'm not a total stranger to the range, she had one of the blushers and i must say it did look flawless on her. Anyway so i dived in and had a little look at their cosmetics and i just fell inlove with their packaging its so cute and girlie which won me over instantly. I'm a huge MAC fan but after today im seriously thinking of converting to Benefit cosmetics, girls this is major!

Without going on to much, down to what i actually did purchase from the counter, 'brow shaping kit' £22.50. Throughout the waxing&tinting the bit i enjoyed the most was the after care and how she demostrated the 'brow shaping kit' it was quick and easy application and my god they looked so natural. I know the HD BROWS are pretty popular for us beauty lovers but i figured whilst i was there i may as well try the Benefit kit. Again i just want to say how lovely the girls were, they very kindly gave both me and my friend a few samples which i cannot wait to try. Check out what I came home with today... 

treatment with prices for the brow bar

The Brow Shaping Kit: in medium 
Comes with two small brushes, one angled to get definition and the other a blending brush, also which i thought was really handy are a small pair of tweezers (this is just the perfect kit for putting in your bag). The pallet on the left is like wax which is the one you apply first then the powder pallet on the right which is used to fill in your brows and in doing this i would probably use the angled brush giving a natural looking brow. 

The samples
top: total moisture facial cream
left: the pore fessional
right: eye cream

The Pore Fessional, £23.50 for full size tube
the back reads, 
Apply this silky, oil-free formula to minimise the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin. To use under makeup: Apply to moisturized skin to help makeup stay put. Focus on problem areas & blend with fingertips. To use over makeup: Pat on lightly over makeup & blend.

The Eye Cream, £23.50 for full size pot
the back reads,
For brighter, younger looking eyes, IT'S POTENT! EYE CREAM fades dark circles & helps smooth fine lines. To use: Apply delicately under the eyes. 

Total Moisture Facial Cream, £26.50 for full size pot
the back reads, 
'say goodbye to dry skin & hello to total moisture'
Total Moisture Facial Cream provides concentrated immediate & long-term hydration for visibly radiant skin. To use: Gently apply this concentrated cream to face. 

So there we are girls, my first purchase from Benefit and a little inside to a few other products. Let me know if this post was useful and if requested I will do a full product review on the 'Brow Shaping Kit' and how I got on with it.

What's your favourite from Benefit??

Natalie xxx

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Haul #1 - Summer Bits

 My withdrawal symptoms from shopping are no longer!!

Hey everyone, so i havent been shopping in so long i was starting to have withdrawal symptoms but i cured myself as I recently went to Lakeside and for those who dont know what that is, its a big shopping centre (that always leaves your purse empty, I'm kidding not always)! We did have a few problems driving up there as my brothers car kept playing up, however a 1 bottle of car oil, 4 stop off's and 2 hours later and we arrived saftly THANK THE LORD!! Anyway my holiday is coming around pretty fast and i'm in need of a few more outfits to complete my suitcase, so i've picked up a some summer bits and thought i'd share them with you. Let's get in the summer spirit...

Newlook, RiverIsland, Primark, H&M, H&M

Flower Print Dress: Newlook £29.99
This dress screams 'summertime', with the daisy flower texture all over just makes it look really girlie and pretty which is right up my street. At first I was worried about the waist band and just where about it would pull me in but I must say it does look very flattering. The back view was also pleasantly surprising, the small white buttons join the back part together and the cut out triangle that sits at the bottom of your back is also a cute touch, styling my hair in an 'up-do' would be a good idea just so you can show off all the detail on the dress. After trying it on in the fitting rooms and seeing the price i knew the dress was coming on holiday with me.. 

The view from the back.

I'm a huge online shopper as well as scowling the shops, I check all the websites maybe 3-4 times a week to see what's the latest and I've had my eye on this dress for a while now. I'm really into shirt dresses at the moment as I'm a fan of collars so with that and the print of the dress it had my attention. I wasn't sure if it would look right on me as I haven't managed to blast the love handles just yet.. I was thinking maybe it would look better on more slim figures, however the shopaholic inside me said 'what the heck buy it anyway Nat' so I did!! I purchased it without trying it on which I don't advise but in this case it didn't turn out too bad, I quite like the dress on me even if it did take a little persuasion from my mum, but once paired with the right jewellery and shoes I'm sure I'll love it even more. Like the white dress from Newlook this also has a cut out back just slightly different, it's placed further up the back center but level with the under arm but again I've put a picture below showing you. 

The cut out detail from the back

Black Sheer Detailed Collar Shirt: Primark £10.00
I think we all know what drew me to this purchase, the collar and the price!! Okay so its not the most ideal thing to take on holiday because it's black but I actually don't own any black tops so I couldn't resist it. I've been told they do other colours but I only saw 1 other which was a nude/pinky shade with the gold buttons and detailed collar, Let me know if you have any other colours?

Collar detail

Shorts: H&M £19.99
I receive a catalogue of the new collections through the post from H&M and these shorts were and instant favourite when flicking through. The sheer material and loose fitting are really flattering for those who aren't keen on the tops of their legs. Let me know if you'd like to see a post on different ways I'd style these shorts?

Mint Green Basic Dress: H&M £12.99
I LOVE THE COLOUR MINT!! Recently I've been buying and wearing lots of this colour however non of it is for my holiday, Yes I know its very basic but the exposed zip on the back gave me the idea to dress it up with gold jewellery and some cute sandals or if that doesn't work I could dress it down and wear it around the pool and believe me it looks much better on than hanging in this picture. The bottom of the dress sits just above the knee and is pretty nice fitting depending on what size you get also it does come in others so see what takes your fancy, I just think I'm going to have fun messing around and see what works well with the dress. 

So there's a few of my buy's from shopping the other day, hope it gets you in the summer spirit like it did me.
What are your recent purchases for the sunshine??

Natalie xxx

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Barry M Collection

My 'Barry M' Nail Varnish Collection.

I'm sure for all of you Barry M is a favourite too, not just because of their vibrant yet cool effects or the classy and girlie colours but because of their well applicable brushes, they apply so quick and easy and unlike a few other nail varnish I can think of Barry M polishes aren't runny. Anyway here are the one's I currently own and I've also listed a few of my favourites below..

The names:
nail effects, grey, mushroom, lilac foil, nail effect, blue moon, mint green, peach melba, strawberry ice-cream and lemon ice-cream.

1st favourite: mint green.
As you know pastel and mint colours are everywhere and I picked up this nail varnish a few weeks back as I knew it would go with so many outfits! I have a few varnishes that are pastel shades but this is by far my favourite.  This colour is defiantly in at the moment and I always think it makes my hands look browner, which is for sure a bonus. Comment below if you would like to see the outfits I'd pair with this colour? 

2nd favourite: lilac foil.
This is an limited edition polish from the Barry M range, which I was frilled to pick up at the time. I can't say I've worn it a huge amount but that's due to me deserting it to the back of my collection, however when I do wear it, it looks fab! It's not like any of the others from my entire nail varnish collection which is great cause some polishes can do duplicates leaving you with a fair few colours all the same. But yes it's a very eye catching colour and I'm going to try wear it a little more, so keep a look out!! 

3rd favourite: peach melba.
Again this polish leaves my hands looking rather tanned which I guess is why its one of my favourites, It's a great nail varnish to have if you want to add a pop of colour to an outfit or just match it with a orange peachy clutch on a night out. 

4th favourite: strawberry ice-cream.
Is this a summer colour or what?? wow girls this just makes me dream of sitting beside the pool with a cocktail in BOTH my hands and tanning my body until it sizzles. And that's why its in my favourites!

What colour should I get next??

Natalie xxx

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Denim Studded Shorts

I don't know about you but I'm seeing studded shorts EVERYWHERE!

With my holiday coming up in July I'm defiantly thinking of purchasing myself some denim studded short or even better creating my own DIY pair. I cant actually believe I haven't already got myself these 'must have' shorts but I've been scowling Ebay the last couple of weeks for the studs I want and I'm yet to find them but im determined that I wont give up until I find them (if you guys know where I can get some spiked pyramid studs comment below would be very much appreciated)...

I just love how they stand out, without a doubt if somebody is out wearing them they catch my eye instantly. I've seen so many different styles and the beauty of creating them yourself is you can literally stud where ever you like making it fit it to your personal style. So girls watch this space I'll do a post as soon as I've done them! 

Do you have a pair or even studded your own already??

Natalie xxx

I don't own the rights to any of these pictures, their just inspirational searches 

How HOT does Rihanna look in these studded shorts?