Thursday, 1 November 2012

Belated Orange Wednesdays - Paranormal Activity 4

Hello, Hi.
Last night I finally braved the film 'Paranormal Activity 4'. If your stupid like me and love a scary film but also sit there covering your eyes whilst your friend explains what's going on then you can imagine the fright but anticipation in me and my friend last night. I had heard quite a few bad reviews about the film and hesitated about going to see it but as I had seen the past three 'Paranormal Activity' films and the fact of it being Orange Wednesdays (2for1) I thought what the hell, LETS GO!! 

It was super jumpy and I was constantly on edge waiting for something to scare me, but that's all part of it right?? Me and my friend Chloe peered through our fingers towards the end as I'm sure you'll guess it was the scariest bit, it was quite funny as the entire cinema was giggling at the fact we all said 'ahh I can't watch this bit' at the same time, but I personally really enjoyed the film and defiantly think it's worth a watch.. So if you haven't already, brave it up girl ;) But don't sleep alone after!!

Would you watch a scary film at the cinema? Have you seen Paranormal Activity?? 

Natalie xxx

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  1. You look gorgeous! I need to watch paranormal activity 4! I've seen the last three and found them to be very good! :) xo

  2. I watched it yesterday too and I was exactly the same as you!
    There were bits where nothing was happening and my heart was still beating lol
    I was hiding behind my popcorn box the majority of the time and yes, the ending was so scary!
    You look lovely x

  3. You look lovely, I went to see the first PA in the cinema and have now been lazy with the others and wait for them to come on Sky haha. Though saying that I do enjoy watching the films as they are scary but not in the typical way :)



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