Saturday, 21 April 2012

Red/Orange wedges

Red/Orange Wedges - River Island, £50

I purchased these beauts yesterday when I went shopping with my mum in our local town centre.. I've had my eye on these ever since I see them on RiverIsland website about 3 weeks ago and then when I see them staring me in the eye from the shelf I knew I had to have them, and the fact they actually had a size that fitted I knew I wasn't walking out the shop without them.

They are so comfy, I don't know about you but I walk 10 times better in wedges than any other kind of heel so these were just perfect for me. The material is suede so I'm a little unsure how they'll cope in the lovely British weather but I've already made it my mission to find a spray protector so they stand more chance. I'm usually a size 4/4.5 but I had to get these in a size 5, so I would suggest trying them on in the shop to make sure you get the right fit.

The main reason I love these wedges is cause the vibrant/vivid colour they just stand out and it's a good block of colour to pair with almost anything.  They have a buckle detail on the strap which is gold so again pairing these shoes with gold jewellery will just be a knock-out!! They do have a peep toe but you can only see part of your toes so if your someone that doesn't like to have your toots on show either then I highly recommend these!

I'm so excited to rock up on a night out in these, hopefully it wont be raining but I will keep you posted as to how I get on with them..

Natalie xxx

What's your favourite pair of wedges??

*if you want to buy your Red/Orange wedges, click here * 


  1. these are lovley, I am going to order some really similar ones from zara

    Over on my blog I m having a give away, I would love for you to enter :o)


  2. I was in Zara yesterday and the shoes they have in atm are so cute!! Yeah i'll defiantly check your blog out :) x

  3. These shoes are the comfiest ever! I have them in black but I've been after this colour too just may have to take the plunge :) xxxx

    1. I'm yet to wear these, testing them Saturday night really hope they are cause I'm planning on taking them on holiday with me this year :D xx

  4. These are amazing!! Definitely might have to get them in my life..! x

  5. these shoes are so pretty, and need/want them! :) lovely blog, natalie. enjoyed looking, and i am now following you via google. i'd love to stay connected with you--it's great getting inspirations from other bloggers. cheers!



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