Monday, 23 April 2012

Soap & Glory - Body Butter

Soap & Glory Body Butter - Boots
250ml, £8.50
50ml, £2.50

Although this Soap & Glory product is labelled as a body butter, I personally found it works wonders as a primer for my face before applying my make up, at first I read it leaves a dewy finish as its meant for people with dry skin. However, I tried it anyway and I have an oily complexion but found it still works fine for me. 

It comes in two different sizes, 250ml and 50ml.. I'm happy they include smaller sizes in some of their products because I brought the small tube which was good to just try it out, I had heard Soap & Glory were good products so I wanted to see if they were true to their reputation. I really liked this product so i decided to buy the bigger tube as it worked out better value for your money however, I did keep the smaller tube cause its handy to put into my bag or to travel around with, and then when the smaller tube runs out I just top it up with product from the bigger tube. 

What I also love abut this body butter is that it lasts me absolutely ages and I mean I use it everyday without a doubt so I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't something I'd have to repurchase every month (but remember i'm only using it on my face). If your somebody like me that likes to smell the the product before actually buying as there isn't anything worst than find a good product but hating the smell, then you'll also love this.. it smells amazing!! 

After discovering this product and finding out that it works so well with my skin I find it hard to try anything else as I don't think it will live up to Soap & Glory's body butter, I've been using it for just over 7 months now and it really has made a difference to my skin and I honestly recommend it to everybody. 

Natalie xxx

What's your favourite face primer/body butter??


  1. have you noticed that the product makes you break out or cause any skin reactions? I'm a bit nervous to try this out just because Soap and Glory is quite heavily scented and might make me break out? Great post btw

    1. Sure i've had break outs but soap and glory wasnt the cause of it, I've been using it for a while now and its the best product for my skin.. Everyone's skin type is different so if yours isnt great with scented product then I would say stay clear as you said Soap&Glory are heavily scented. But if you really do want to try it maybe buy the smaller tube just in case, Let me know how you get on :D xxx


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