Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Haul #2 - Random pick ups

Hey everyone, Hope everyone is well :D
I was suppose to be going Odeon tonight for 'Orange Wednesdays' but sadly everyone is working late and didn't fancy going on my own so I thought I'd do a little post about what I picked up today when I popped into my local town centre instead, here goes!

Benefit Sun Beam: £18.50 
(to buy click here
I'm sure you've all heard the MASSIVE rave about Benefit's sun beam bronze highlighter, quite a few of you lovely ladies recommended me to pick it up, so whilst I was out today I thought I'd get it. I'm so excited to finally try it, and I will be doing a review fairly soon and a few pictures so you can see how wonderful this product really is or isn't. 

Nail varnish in 
63 Sheer Mauve: £1.99
Clear: £1.00
67 Linen: £1.99
I have a shop near me that does all things beauty i.e nail varnish, eye lashes, hair extensions, make up and all that sort of things but they happen to be AMAZINGLY cheap which is every beauty lovers perfect shop. Don't get me wrong some of the stuff is pretty rubbish and shouldn't be aloud on the shelf but things like these 15ml bottles of nail varnish are a right bargain at £1.99 and the colour range my god I will be going back to buy more (cheeky smile).

River Island Cross Bracelet: £5.00
(to buy click here
Either crosses are in at the moment or I'm going mad and seeing them everywhere, beginning to think I'm going cross obsessed girls! I've recently purchased the River Island silver tone cross earrings which I absolutely love and so I thought why not buy this to match, plus it was pretty cheap so what the hell bargain buy. Anyone else loving crosses at the moment??

Okay girls so that's the few bits and bobs that I picked up today, Let me know if you do want to see the 'Sun Beam' review and i'll try and do one within the next couple of days. Do you have the Benefit Sun beam, how do you get on with it, worth the purchase??

Have a good evening, 

Natalie xxx


  1. don't think my comment sent before.. oh well! Love the bracelet, and really loving the photo of you at the top! Really has jazzed up your blog's look! take a look at my giveaway - mua items up for grabs! here's the link :) xx

    1. Aww thankyou, thought i'd go for something a little different! Okay i'll defo check it out, Thanks for commenting xxx

  2. Sun beam is one of my must haves in my kit! Love it xx


  3. I absolutely love that bracelet ! You have such a great blog !

  4. Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog!
    You really made my day!

    And your blog is really cool, so i am becomning a follower!



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