Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Denim Studded Shorts

I don't know about you but I'm seeing studded shorts EVERYWHERE!

With my holiday coming up in July I'm defiantly thinking of purchasing myself some denim studded short or even better creating my own DIY pair. I cant actually believe I haven't already got myself these 'must have' shorts but I've been scowling Ebay the last couple of weeks for the studs I want and I'm yet to find them but im determined that I wont give up until I find them (if you guys know where I can get some spiked pyramid studs comment below would be very much appreciated)...

I just love how they stand out, without a doubt if somebody is out wearing them they catch my eye instantly. I've seen so many different styles and the beauty of creating them yourself is you can literally stud where ever you like making it fit it to your personal style. So girls watch this space I'll do a post as soon as I've done them! 

Do you have a pair or even studded your own already??

Natalie xxx

I don't own the rights to any of these pictures, their just inspirational searches 

How HOT does Rihanna look in these studded shorts? 


  1. I love the idea of studding denim shorts as sometimes they can look a bit plain! Where are you going on your holiday? xx

    1. I know its like the perfect answer for vamping up your outfit, Going Zante and I cannot wait.. You going away this year??xxx

    2. Ahh lovely and hot - just what we need from this vile weather! Me and my friend are going on a city break to Munich to see a friend of ours. xx

  2. I love studded shorts, I imagine it's easier to get a good pair of shorts though and DIY with the studs? Have a lovely holiday xx

    1. It's so hard finding the studs I want but im sure i'll come across them if i keep searching, Thankyouu xxx

  3. the tie dye studded shorts omg i want i want. seriously tempted to get the old bedazzler out haah x

  4. aaawww.... I love 'em all !!
    I so have to find one ... or help one of my ones by DIY .. ;)


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