Thursday, 10 May 2012

Barry M Collection

My 'Barry M' Nail Varnish Collection.

I'm sure for all of you Barry M is a favourite too, not just because of their vibrant yet cool effects or the classy and girlie colours but because of their well applicable brushes, they apply so quick and easy and unlike a few other nail varnish I can think of Barry M polishes aren't runny. Anyway here are the one's I currently own and I've also listed a few of my favourites below..

The names:
nail effects, grey, mushroom, lilac foil, nail effect, blue moon, mint green, peach melba, strawberry ice-cream and lemon ice-cream.

1st favourite: mint green.
As you know pastel and mint colours are everywhere and I picked up this nail varnish a few weeks back as I knew it would go with so many outfits! I have a few varnishes that are pastel shades but this is by far my favourite.  This colour is defiantly in at the moment and I always think it makes my hands look browner, which is for sure a bonus. Comment below if you would like to see the outfits I'd pair with this colour? 

2nd favourite: lilac foil.
This is an limited edition polish from the Barry M range, which I was frilled to pick up at the time. I can't say I've worn it a huge amount but that's due to me deserting it to the back of my collection, however when I do wear it, it looks fab! It's not like any of the others from my entire nail varnish collection which is great cause some polishes can do duplicates leaving you with a fair few colours all the same. But yes it's a very eye catching colour and I'm going to try wear it a little more, so keep a look out!! 

3rd favourite: peach melba.
Again this polish leaves my hands looking rather tanned which I guess is why its one of my favourites, It's a great nail varnish to have if you want to add a pop of colour to an outfit or just match it with a orange peachy clutch on a night out. 

4th favourite: strawberry ice-cream.
Is this a summer colour or what?? wow girls this just makes me dream of sitting beside the pool with a cocktail in BOTH my hands and tanning my body until it sizzles. And that's why its in my favourites!

What colour should I get next??

Natalie xxx


  1. Love the mint green, perfect!!

  2. would LOVE to see an outfit with the mint green :) I really want to get myself some mint green clothing, especially a blazer! xx

  3. I have all the Barry M nail paints! They are lush! xxx

  4. Strawberry ice cream is gorgeous!! xo

  5. OMG, all the colors are GORGEOUS!!!!

  6. I do love a Barry M nail varnish, such an amazing collection of colours and very reasonable prices. Love your collection, especially the mint green :d



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