Saturday, 19 May 2012

Haul #1 - Summer Bits

 My withdrawal symptoms from shopping are no longer!!

Hey everyone, so i havent been shopping in so long i was starting to have withdrawal symptoms but i cured myself as I recently went to Lakeside and for those who dont know what that is, its a big shopping centre (that always leaves your purse empty, I'm kidding not always)! We did have a few problems driving up there as my brothers car kept playing up, however a 1 bottle of car oil, 4 stop off's and 2 hours later and we arrived saftly THANK THE LORD!! Anyway my holiday is coming around pretty fast and i'm in need of a few more outfits to complete my suitcase, so i've picked up a some summer bits and thought i'd share them with you. Let's get in the summer spirit...

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Flower Print Dress: Newlook £29.99
This dress screams 'summertime', with the daisy flower texture all over just makes it look really girlie and pretty which is right up my street. At first I was worried about the waist band and just where about it would pull me in but I must say it does look very flattering. The back view was also pleasantly surprising, the small white buttons join the back part together and the cut out triangle that sits at the bottom of your back is also a cute touch, styling my hair in an 'up-do' would be a good idea just so you can show off all the detail on the dress. After trying it on in the fitting rooms and seeing the price i knew the dress was coming on holiday with me.. 

The view from the back.

I'm a huge online shopper as well as scowling the shops, I check all the websites maybe 3-4 times a week to see what's the latest and I've had my eye on this dress for a while now. I'm really into shirt dresses at the moment as I'm a fan of collars so with that and the print of the dress it had my attention. I wasn't sure if it would look right on me as I haven't managed to blast the love handles just yet.. I was thinking maybe it would look better on more slim figures, however the shopaholic inside me said 'what the heck buy it anyway Nat' so I did!! I purchased it without trying it on which I don't advise but in this case it didn't turn out too bad, I quite like the dress on me even if it did take a little persuasion from my mum, but once paired with the right jewellery and shoes I'm sure I'll love it even more. Like the white dress from Newlook this also has a cut out back just slightly different, it's placed further up the back center but level with the under arm but again I've put a picture below showing you. 

The cut out detail from the back

Black Sheer Detailed Collar Shirt: Primark £10.00
I think we all know what drew me to this purchase, the collar and the price!! Okay so its not the most ideal thing to take on holiday because it's black but I actually don't own any black tops so I couldn't resist it. I've been told they do other colours but I only saw 1 other which was a nude/pinky shade with the gold buttons and detailed collar, Let me know if you have any other colours?

Collar detail

Shorts: H&M £19.99
I receive a catalogue of the new collections through the post from H&M and these shorts were and instant favourite when flicking through. The sheer material and loose fitting are really flattering for those who aren't keen on the tops of their legs. Let me know if you'd like to see a post on different ways I'd style these shorts?

Mint Green Basic Dress: H&M £12.99
I LOVE THE COLOUR MINT!! Recently I've been buying and wearing lots of this colour however non of it is for my holiday, Yes I know its very basic but the exposed zip on the back gave me the idea to dress it up with gold jewellery and some cute sandals or if that doesn't work I could dress it down and wear it around the pool and believe me it looks much better on than hanging in this picture. The bottom of the dress sits just above the knee and is pretty nice fitting depending on what size you get also it does come in others so see what takes your fancy, I just think I'm going to have fun messing around and see what works well with the dress. 

So there's a few of my buy's from shopping the other day, hope it gets you in the summer spirit like it did me.
What are your recent purchases for the sunshine??

Natalie xxx


  1. i like what you've picked. i just wish we had sunshine to go with summer clothes lol. do you want to follow each other on google friend connect? if so, follow me and i'll follow back :) xxx

  2. you've picked up some really pretty stuff! Love the primark shirt and the white dress :) xx

    1. I wore the primark shirt today and i must say I'm really liking it!! Defo going back for more colours, xxx

  3. I love the New Look dress its so pretty for summer! x

  4. I love the mint dress! Looks like it would be perfect for summer! x

  5. this shopping trip was quite obviously a great success!! look at all those gorgeous pieces you've found!- jade xxx

  6. I'm jealous! I want all of these bits :( <3

  7. I love the blouse from Primark and the white dress. You've got some really great buys x


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