Monday, 18 June 2012

Pick Of The Highstreet #2

I need these in my life..

Adidas Originals Honey hook high tops, £55.00

I was gutted when I recently went into Bank and asked to try these on in a size 5, and the lady came back to break the bad news telling me they no longer had my size in stock DOHH!! You guessed it, the first thing I done when getting home looked online for them which again set back as they didn't have my size online either, DAM YOU ADIDAS!! So for now they sit in my lusting basket waiting for the arrival of my size, then their mine *super smiley face*

I can never get my shoes size, please tell me this doesn't just happen to me?? Would you lust over these beauts??

Natalie xxx

Pair them with..


  1. Hey Darling<3
    Please like my new facebook page <3
    It would save my day!

  2. wow, great wishlist :) love the shorts and I bet it will everything look so well put together! :))
    keep up the lovely work with your blog, dear!

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

    1. You know when you hope it looks as good as you picture it, Aww thankyou so much, thanks for commenting xxx

  3. Love the adidas sneakers!! I've wanting to get a similar pair! :)

    p.s. I hope you will check out my fashion blog too,
    if you have time! :)

    Much love,
    The Cabinet Of Fashion blog

  4. I just think every girls need a pair of adidas high tops in her life, any excuse though really?

    Yeah I'll check it out, thanks for commenting xxx


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