Sunday, 24 June 2012

My Week In Pictures #2

1) Bit of sunshine and I whip my new D&G shades out! 
2) Love a Toffee Sundae with Sophie
3) Back combing opens doors to so many more hairstyles 
4) Favourite bracelet, all the way from Egypt
5) Back in January I wanted to add more colour in my wardrobe and I think I've finally mastered it, HORAY!!
6) Wivzi got back from his holiday in Magaluf, and the weather went from cloudy to brilliant sunshine within minutes of us driving down the motorway to go fetch him
7) Came home from work and found a pile loo rolls stacked up on our toilet roll holder than can only hold 2, literally wet myself laughing. What was you thinking mum?? Just take a guess how many you think are stacked there?? 
8) And finally finished the most addictive book on record 'Fifty Shades Of Grey', can't wait to steam through 'Fifty Shades Darker' on holiday. 

So this is my week in pictures, nothing major exciting but next week is the start of my 18th birthday plans so hopefully a few collective pictures here next week. Having a family thing from Friday to Sunday so I'm really excited for that, just hope the weather holds out. 

Also follow me on Instagram for photo's which I don't post on my blog, hope you've all had a brilliant week!

Natalie xxx


  1. I do love instagram, that ice cream looks delicious!

      Madison's Assortment

  2. looks like you had a great week, lovely :) and the sunglasses suit you so well *_*
    in btw I think your blog is great and I started to follow you, dear :)) keep up the great work!
    maybe you'll have a look on mine as well, if you like!


  3. Hey Darling!
    Pay my blog a visit and enter my international give away !

    Huge hugs

  4. ohhh fifty shades!!! I cant wait to start reading the series!


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