Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Mother Nature Who??

The 12 dreaded weeks in a month 

There's always that one week a month that all us girls dread, it always tends to be at inappropriate times like when were going on holiday in and out of the pool, or when you want to wear that beautiful new dress carefree or when your having a really bad day, mother nature just tends to pop up and burden you with your monthly period!!

Quite a while ago now I experienced such horrific pains (back ache, belly cramps, headache) I had to call in sick at work and that's when I thought ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! So doing my usual research online I went on the hunt for some sort of period pain relief to see if I could win the battle against mother nature. I'm defiantly a girl that's all for quick working effects and ladies I'm please to say I've found just that, I introduce you to...
  Feminax Express
(I take 2 tablets with a glass of water when I first feel the pain and within 20 mins I've forgotten all about the cramps and discomfort, it is that good!) can also be used for muscular pain and headache.

Now I understand there are many ways you can concur the pain but I've found this to be the perfect solution, so I thought I'd share for those girls who also want rid of back/belly ache FAST! Whilst doing my research I'd read quite a few good reviews saying how quick and fast working these tablets really are honestly girls I used to dread my period and now I say 'BRING IT ON'.. You can buy these tablets in all major supermarkets and also in Superdrug and Boots, they retail at around £2.50 (for 8 tablets) but prices vary depending where you purchase them from, I buy mine from Morrisons and they contain 2 sleeves of 8 tablets which I find better value for my money.

(Click here to purchase from Superdrug at £2.49)

 So there we are girls this is my little monthly miracle, all I want to say is thank the lord i was introduce to 'Feminex' and trust me girls period pains are no longer. If your 1 of the lucky 1's that don't experience the horrible back/belly ache, spots and mood swings along with your period then I seriously envy you!!

Hope this helps,

Natalie xxx

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